Mini Grey and White Flower Fondant Birthday Cake

Birthday Cakes 011

This is a little mini birthday cake that Courtney and I made for her friend Brie.  The top layer is 3″, the middle is 4″ and the bottom is 5″, so tiny and cute!  The flowers are fake from Michaels, the fondant is Pettinice from Funfinity.  Brie wanted a birthday cake for her friend (post to follow) and Cort wanted to make Brie a cake as well because she missed her birthday.  Love this little mini cake!  Happy Birthday Brie!

2 thoughts on “Mini Grey and White Flower Fondant Birthday Cake

  1. Beautiful! Were these layers done in separate pans? I have looked everywhere for a 4inch cake pan and cant find it anywhere so was just curious.

    • This actually is a teeny little cake and the layers are only 2″ high but yes when we make a taller one, like the black and white one, we make two 2″ layers to get the height. How did your superhero cake go?

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