Baptism Cross Fondant Cake

Rome's baptism

Remember the reveal the gender beehive cake that Courtney made for her friend Brie?  Well, Brie’s friend Nina was at that shower and loved that cake so she called to ask if we would make a baptism cake for her little baby Rome.  She wanted a cross so we found a Wilton cross cake pan at Michaels which worked beautifully.  She just wanted something simple with his name on the cake so Cort added the bow which was perfect.  I really like the clean lines of this cake, I think it looks so elegant.  The cake is our favorite While Almond Sour Cream cake recipe (without the almond) and our favorite buttercream frosting.  The fondant is the Pettinice brand from Funfinity and the blue is part Duff’s blue fondant and part Pettinice white fondant mixed together.  The cross cake wasn’t big enough to feed everyone so we made her another square cake of chocolate to match.  Nina asked for the date to be on that one and Cort added a bow so it would match the cross cake.  Congrats to Nina and little baby Rome and family on Rome’s baptism!

Rome's baptism

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