Licorice Flags

Licorice Flags

The Young Women from church are coming over tomorrow for breakfast and swimming and since it is the day before 4th of July and since treats are what I do, I thought I’d make them a 4th of July treat to take home with them.  I found the idea on a blog called “Sweet Simple Stuff”.  They were pretty easy to make and turned out pretty cute.  I’m just going to tell you how I did it, you can check out her instructions on her blog if you like.

1 big bag Strawberry flavored Twizzlers

1 bag Wilton white candy melts

1/3 bag Wilton blue candy melts

white sprinkles

clear pretzel treat bags

1  Melt white candy melts according to package directions.  I melted them in a rectangle tupperware container instead of a bowl since the licorice is long.  One bag of Twizzlers made about 13 flag treats so, one at at time, dip 13 pieces of licorice in the melted white chocolate and carefully place on wax paper until set.  I have chocolate dipping tools but a fork would probably work better than a spoon for dipping the licorice in the chocolate.

2  Melt blue candy melts according to package directions.  Dip one end each of 13 licorice pieces in the blue, immediately sprinkling with white sprinkles before setting on wax paper to dry/set.

3  When both the white and blue chocolate are set, assemble flag treats by layering a red licorice piece, then a dipped white piece followed by a blue dipped piece in your pretzel bag to look like a flag.

How easy was that?

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