“Up” Cake Pops

cake pops!

Our theme for Girls Camp this year is the Disney movie, “Up” and last night we had our camp kickoff so I thought it would be fun to do a bunch of multicolored cake pops to look like all the balloons on the house but how do you display and serve that many cake pops?  I looked around in craft stores here but couldn’t find a single cake pop stand.  I did find some online but they were pretty pricey so I decided to just try and make one on my own so I went to Michaels and just wandered around looking for some inspiration and then I saw these foam rounds and thought AH HA!  So I bought 4, I think they are 6″, 8″, 10″ and 12″.  I wrapped the edges of each with a brightly colored ribbon which I pinned on into the foam and then I lined them all up and stuck a couple of bamboo skewers down through the top layer to the bottom layer. After I made all my pops (click here for the instructions on how to make cake pops), I went around each edge and stuck the pops in and voila!  Homemade cake pop stand!  I was pretty proud of myself!

PS  I made around 70 or so cake pops and the girls ate all but about 7 of them so I’d say they were a hit!  But then who doesn’t love a good cake pop?

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