Courtney’s Grey and Yellow Fondant Wedding Cake with Hello Kitty Topper

Courtney's wedding cake

It’s been a wild and wonderful week!  My daughter Courtney got married on Tuesday and then we had a reception for her and her husband Jaren on Wednesday.  Courtney and I made her wedding cake on Sunday.  Many thanks to Derek White for this lovely picture of her cake at the reception!  I wish I could have him photograph all of my food for my blog!  Someday when I have the time, I hope to become a better food photographer!  The cake is chocolate (made from the “White Almond Sour Cream” cake recipe which you can find on my blog by clicking here).  The fondant came from a local place here called “Goodies” which the lady custom colored for us.  We were a little nervous about trying to color the fondant grey as that is a hard color to make look good on a cake.  We ordered the Hello Kitty topper from Amazon and the broach that is pinned to the ribbon is my grandma’s!  It was a great cake for a great day!  Congrats to my beautiful daughter Courtney and my handsome new son Jaren!  Love you guys!

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