frosting recipe

How fast can 2 able bodied reasonably talented in the kitchen young ladies (ok, 1 youngish lady and 1 younger lady) put together a birthday cake?  Turns out the answer is pretty darn fast!  Yesterday was Jaren’s (my daughter’s fiance) dad’s birthday and Courtney wanted to make him a cake but it was like 7:30 at night so what to do, what to do?  The answer is hurry and bake a chocolate cake in the guitar shaped pan we have and call it a ukulele and then frost it just as soon as it has cooled off!  But wait a minute, there is no powdered sugar to make the buttercream icing, how could that happen?  And then one remembers the marvelous thing called Pinterest which is just chock full of all kinds of ideas such as how to make frosting without powdered sugar and sure enough there is this adorable and versatile recipe called Puddin’head from a blog called “Not Just Cute” which is tasty and delicious and, the best part, we have all the ingredients for, yippee!  Cake and birthday saved, crisis averted!  And so now I give you the recipe which saved our day!

1 package vanilla (or any flavor you like I guess) pudding (any size)

1 container Cool Whip (any size), thawed

Mix pudding mix with half the milk called for on the box just until it is starting to thicken then fold in Cool Whip.  Ta Da!  Done!

She says she has used any combination of pudding box sizes and Cool Whip container sizes, all with good results.  You can color it easily as you can see Cort did with the decoration color.  She also uses it for fillings in cupcakes, serves it with pancakes and waffles, in place of just plain Cool Whip in recipes, your imagination is the limit, I’m thinking it would be great in a trifle.

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