Marshmallow Teacup

MM tea party 012

Here is the second edible teacup for the Tea Party. I found this idea on Pinterest but only the picture, no instructions as the picture didn’t lead anywhere.  You can go look at the picture on Pinterest. The picture is of a pink teacup but pink didn’t really go with my color scheme which ended up being blue and green so I did mine in white.

for each teacup you will need:

round sugar or shortbread cookie (I used the same Hy-Top sugar cookie from Winco that I used for the other teacup)

cookie icing  (comes in a pouch, Betty Crocker Cookie Icing)

large marshmallow

regular size lifesaver

small cookie (I used a Keebler fudge stripe cookie from a 100 calorie package)

multi colored sprinkles

decorator icing (I used my tube of white Betty Crocker Decorator Icing)

1  Take the small cookie and cover the chocolate side with the white decorator icing then dip into the sprinkles to cover top completely.

2  Using the decorator icing, glue the small sprinkle covered cookie, sprinkle side up, to the top of the large marshmallow.

3  Frost the round sugar cookie with the cookie icing then while still wet carefully press large marshmallow into center of cookie.

4  Cut a slit into the side of the large marshmallow and stick a lifesaver in for the handle (if it doesn’t stick, add a little decorator icing to the slit).

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