Cincinnati Bengals Helmet and Football Birthday Fondant Cakes

Jaren's bday 004

Jaren's bday 007

Yesterday was my future son in law Jaren’s birthday so Courtney and I made him a couple of football themed birthday cakes, one for our house and one for his house.  I found both a football shaped pan and a helmet shaped pan at Michaels (what would we do without Michaels?).  The cakes are both “White Almond Sour Cream” cakes only without the almond but with a double shot of vanilla then iced of course with my favorite buttercream icing.  The football is covered with Pettinice chocolate fondant from Funfinity and the helmet is covered with Duff’s fondant in orange and black also purchased at Michaels.  I think they came out great!  Cort does such an awesome job with the embellishments.  Happy Birthday Jaren!

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