Cupcake Gifts

So happy to have a little bit of time off work so that I can have some fun in the kitchen!  I found these adorable little heart containers on the clearance rack at this cool store called “Tai Pan Trading Company” and knew that I could have some fun with them so I baked some large cupcakes, put some candies in the bottoms of the containers (like jelly beans, gumballs, Mike n Ikes, etc) then stuck the big cupcake on top of the candy and frosted them while sitting in the container and added some sprinkles on top to match the heart decorations.  They came out pretty cute!  They went to a couple of friends for birthdays and then also to a couple of ladies who I am supposed to visit each month but have been so busy that I haven’t gotten over to see them in a long time.  I’ve got some fun activities with the Young Women in our neighborhood lined up for this week and so of course I have some fun food planned for those activities so stay tuned!


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