Taste of the Valley 2012

Bob and I went to the “Taste of the Valley 2012” this morning which we’ve been going to for several years now.  I’m pretty sure that I blogged about it last year.  Every year they gather together quite a few restaurants and they set up tents or booths at the Riverwoods outdoor shopping center and you can buy a punch card for $10 and then wander around to as many booths as your stomach can handle and try out all the food.  This year was awesome with most of the restaurants handing out large samples or full plates of food as opposed to years past when it was just a bite or two.  I was so full so fast this year!  We didn’t make it to all the booths but I don’t think we’ve ever made it to all the booths.  If you live near me and are a foodie like me, then I highly recommend it!  Here’s a sample of what we ate:

On the left is a delicious pork sandwich with a little bit of a kick from Chef’s Table and on the right is a plate from La Jolla Groves (love it!) with Grilled Summer Tomato Bruschetta and Watermelon and Cucumber Salad, both delicious but the bruschetta especially, I wanted more!

On the left is pepperoni pizza from Malawi’s Pizza (yum-o!) and some shredded pork and rice from Rumbi and then a full plate from Goodwood Barbeque with potato salad, barbeque beans and then some shredded meat, all good but by this time I was already getting pretty full so only took a bite of each.

On the left is barbeque chicken salad from California Pizza Kitchen and a chocolate chip cookie wedge also yum and then in the middle is a ton of something from Shoots which I couldn’t even eat a bite of and then on the right is chocolate frozen yogurt from Menchie’s which I must confess, I did not love, the texture was a little off for me.

We also got a bottle of water from Sam’s Club and a lemon/lime/coconut drink from Tucanos and a can of Pepsi Next which were all genius since everyone was thirsty from all the food and the heat and to finish up our pig out there was  a donut from Krispy Kreme and a huge chunk of butter almond toffee from PrimeToffee.com.

I know other cities around the country do a similar thing as I was in New York once visiting some friends and we went to a similar event there (only it was $100 a card!) so check it out in your area and see if you can find one and if you live near me, there’s always next year!  🙂

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