Blue Ninjago Birthday Fondant Cake

My cute neighbor Alisha asked if Cort and I would make a Ninjago birthday cake for her son Colin so after we figured out what Ninjagos were (little Ninja Leggo dudes), we said yes.  We were excited because we’ve been wanting to experiment with the fondant draping technique and this was our chance to try it.  Cort baked a chocolate round cake, I frosted it with our standby favorite, Basic Buttercream Icing then we rolled and cut out a piece of yellow fondant for his face then rolled out the blue fondant, laid a piece of it across the top of his head and then wound the bigger piece around the sides, trying to drape and fold carefully as we went.  I think it looks pretty good for a first attempt.  Then Cort cut out his eyes and eyebrows out of black fondant and added a little white ball of fondant for his eyeballs.  Hopefully Colin will love it!  Happy Ninjago Birthday Colin!

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