Bountiful Basket #9

After 9 long weeks, my show is finally over so I’m back to the regular routine of blogging and Bountiful Baskets!  We stopped getting the basket while I was working because it just wasn’t getting used so now that I’m done, we’re back at it!  Here is what was in today’s basket:

6 red apples (I think they’re Red Delicious)

4 apple pears

4 pears

1 pomegranate

3 limes

1 bunch red grapes

10 bananas

2 red peppers

3 small heads broccoli

7 ears corn

1 pound carrots

1 head lettuce (I think green leaf)

For $15 every Saturday, you can get a Bountiful Basket; for more info, go to

One thought on “Bountiful Basket #9

  1. That’s a great bounty! While in Oregon we visited a farmer’s market that has a similar idea. The grower charges by the year and has a cliental of about 15-20. She is able to determine how much produce she needs to grow each season. Glad you’re through with your film.

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