Women in Business Logo Luncheon Fondant Cake

My friend Jennifer Harmon who is my Pampered Chef Director and the President of the Women In Business organization asked if Courtney and I would make a cake for the June luncheon which we were happy to do for the practice and it also gave us some exposure to some new people which is great too!  Three of the ladies at the luncheon asked if we could make cakes for them and so we have some more opportunities to practice.  The bottom layer of this cake is the WASC cake recipe with a chocolate cake mix and 1/2 cup cocoa subbed for 1/2 cup of the flour and then the top 2 layers are the original White Almond Sour Cream recipe itself, the frosting is my Vanilla Buttercream and the blue fondant is Duff’s fondant from Michaels and the white fondant is the fondant from Funfinity.  Courtney made their logo out of fondant for the top of the cake and did a great job!  They gave away the top layer of the cake as a door prize and then we ate the other 2 layers at the lunch but I still have lots of cake leftover so if you live near me and have a hankering for cake, just call and I’ll bring some over!  Thanks to Jennifer for the support and thanks to the ladies of the Women in Business group who were so supportive and kind!

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