Mini Ham Puffs

This is my “go to”appetizer recipe and tonight is our annual Book Group Potluck and Book Exchange so I’m making these.  I made this batch early for Bob and Zach to eat for dinner since I knew they would want some later when I was making them for book group.  This is a Pampered Chef … Continue reading

Snow Covered Crunch Bars

Another Betty Crocker recipe!  I love Betty Crocker recipes (can you tell?).  Her (their?) recipes are so easy to make but always delicious!  If you like Muddy Buddies, then you’ll love these bars because they are basically Muddy Buddies in cookie form. 1 (1 pound, 1.5 oz) pouch Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix 1 cup … Continue reading

Almond Poppy Tea Cookies

Another Betty Crocker recipe.  These are so incredibly good (if you like almonds)!  I think I need to go eat another one before I type in this recipe! 1 (1 pound, 1.5 oz) pouch Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix 1/3 cup flour 1 tablespoon poppy seeds 1/2 cup butter, softened 1 (3 oz) package cream … Continue reading

Red Velvet Rich and Creamy Cookies

This is a Betty Crocker recipe.  I didn’t have enough red food coloring so they didn’t come out very red.  I also made homemade cream cheese frosting rather than use the canned kind.  They are very tasty! 1 (1 pound, 1.5 oz) pouch Betty Crocker sugar cookie mix 1/3 cup unsweetened cocoa 1/4 cup butter, … Continue reading

Taco Stuffed Pepper Cups

This recipe comes from the Taste of Home Comfort Food Diet Cookbook.  Courtney was looking through it and saw the picture for this recipe and got all excited and asked if I would make it for her.  To be honest, I was surprised because she is my picky eater but I made it today for … Continue reading

Old Fashioned Oatmeal Honey Apple Cake

My neighbor Karin forwarded this recipe to me in an email (a hint perhaps?) so I decided to make it for her for Christmas.  It’s a Cooking Light recipe but doesn’t taste like it (Karin gave me a bite when I took it down to her)!  I found these cute little Christmas tree cake pans … Continue reading

Cranberry and White Chocolate Mousse Cake

Christmas Bunco potluck dinner tonight and I signed up to make a dessert.  It’s pretty easy to make, just a little time consuming.  The contrast of the tang of the cranberry and the lemon paired with the smooth, sweetness of the white chocolate is so delicious!  If you need a fancy dessert for an event, … Continue reading