Toffee Chocolate Chip Shortbread

If you like shortbread, you’ll like these cookies.  This must be the first time I’ve made shortbread for my family because they weren’t too crazy about these cookies.  I think they bit into the cookies expecting regular cookie texture and instead got shortbread which threw them off.  The cookies  have a good flavor with a shortbread texture … Continue reading

Tuxedo Brownie Cups

These are probably my most requested treat and a favorite Pampered Chef recipe.  I made them today for my friend Lacee.  She is leaving on a mission soon  and I made them for her open house tonight. 1 (19 – 21 oz) fudge brownie mix (plus ingredients to make mix) 2 (1 oz) squares white … Continue reading

Pizza Pasta Salad

One of the things I like best about cooking is that you don’t have to follow the recipe exactly, in fact I consider a recipe as a starting point only.  The first time I make a dish, I usually try to follow the recipe fairly closely and then the second time I make it, I … Continue reading