Utah Taste Off – Dinner Rolls

Utah Taste Off comes through again just in time for Thanksgiving with a Dinner Roll kit. It came with 6 rolls from each of the following vendors

Lion House Bakery

Shirley’s Bakery and Cafe

Fillings and Emulsions

Wallaby’s Smokehouse

Honey and Grains Bakery

Lehi Bakery

Here is my ranking –

#1 Lion House

#2 Shirley’s, Wallabys and Lehi Bakery

#3 Fillings and Emulsions and Honey and Grains Bakery

They were all good, but those Lion House Rolls stole my little carb addicted heart!

If you haven’t already, you really should check out Utah Taste Off. It’s a box of delicious food as well as a box of fun!

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