Caprese Salad

I promised the fam that when I got home I would make them an Italian dinner with some of the things that I loved best while eating my way through Sicily so last night we gathered together and dined Italian style out on our deck in the beautiful Spring weather!  First up, Caprese Salad which … Continue reading

Eating My Way Through Europe

As mentioned previously, I just returned from a 5 week work trip in Sicily and London and I’m not going to lie to you all, I ate my way through both places and enjoyed every single minute and bite of it!  If you subscribe to my blog then you know what a foodie I am, … Continue reading

Harry Potter Fondant Birthday Cake

And here is the other adorable cake that Cort made while I was gone, a Harry Potter Birthday cake!  I think she did such a good job on this one, the sorting hat is amazing!  It is almost too fun to eat!  I was really sad to miss out on the making of this one.  … Continue reading

Beehive Gender Reveal Fondant Cake

While I was gone, my daughter Courtney did some cake making/decorating without me which I was sorry to miss out on because both of them looked like fun!  This one was a Reveal the Gender cake for her friend Brie’s baby shower.  I think it came out just darling!  I love the bees flying around … Continue reading

Recipes US

You might have noticed that the blog has been quiet for about 5 – 6 weeks and that is because I was in Sicily and then England working on a movie but now I am back and ready to blog!  While I was gone, my blog was invited to be a part of a new … Continue reading