Utah Taste Off – Soups

Every week Utah Taste Off can be counted on for a fun night of entertainment with a box full of new foods for us to try and critique. This week it was soups (from top left to top right then bottom left to bottom right). Tomato Bisque Soup from Blue Lemon Chicken Tortilla Soup from … Continue reading

Utah Taste Off – Eclairs

When I heard Utah Taste Off was doing eclairs this week, I did a happy little dance because I love me some eclairs! The eclairs were from Kneaders Schmidts Pastry Cottage Eclair French Pastry Carol’s Pastry Shop Bowman’s Market BYU Catering The winner at our house was Kneaders followed closely by Schmidt’s Pastry Cottage but … Continue reading

Colleen’s Overnight French Toast

There is a restaurant here in my town called Kneaders (it’s in other towns too, you can find out if it’s in your town here) that is a family favorite of ours.  This recipe came in a little flyer that they threw in with our lunch the other day and I just happened to have … Continue reading

Raspberry Lemon Truffle Cupcakes

Another recipe from the Kneaders cupcake class, this time for Bunco at my house last night hence the sugar cube dice on 1 of the cupcakes.  I was running short on time so couldn’t make their from scratch recipe of the Lemon Chiffon Cupcakes (I’m sure I’ll get to it at some point and when … Continue reading

German Chocolate Cupcakes

Courtney and I went to a cupcake class at one of our favorite local restaurants called “Kneaders” where we got to make 3 different kinds of cupcakes and this was one of them.  Bob requested them for his birthday treat on Sunday.  It was a little bit challenging and it was time consuming too!  Their … Continue reading