Fudge Revel Bars

I promised Courtney and Jaren a treat on Sunday night when they came over and Cort always wants a chocolate treat so I went on Pinterest and searched for “quick and easy chocolate treats” and this is one that came up.  They were quick and easy and also delicious!  They come from a blog called … Continue reading

One Pot Mexican Rice Casserole

Sunday dinner last night with the whole fam, my favorite part of the week!  Made this along with some other things, which will show up later.  It was easy and yummy!  I served it as a side dish but I was thinking that you could add some meat to it and it could be dinner.  … Continue reading

Butterscotch Apple Crisp

Here’s the other dessert I made for Bunco the other night, I was on a butterscotch kick.  This one was amazingly delicious, the butterscotch chips added the perfect taste to an ordinary apple crisp.  The recipe comes from “The Food Network” and was easy to make.  I added to the recipe by half so that … Continue reading

Butterscotch Chip Oatmeal Cake

One of the desserts that I made for Bunco last night, trying out some Fall-ish recipes for Thanksgiving.  This one was delicious and easy!  It comes from “Better Homes and Gardens“. 1 cup quick cooking rolled oats 1 3/4 cups boiling water 1 cup sugar 1 cup packed brown sugar 1/2 cup butter, cut up … Continue reading

Colleen’s Overnight French Toast

There is a restaurant here in my town called Kneaders (it’s in other towns too, you can find out if it’s in your town here) that is a family favorite of ours.  This recipe came in a little flyer that they threw in with our lunch the other day and I just happened to have … Continue reading